Write on Sports at Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University Welcomes Write on Sports

Seton Hall University Welcomes Write on Sports

Pre-Game Interview with Broadcaster Dave Popkin

Post-Game Interview with SHU Basketball Players Lauren Park-Lane and Mya Bembry

On Saturday, February 4th, 2023, a group of Write on Sports students participated in a workshop at Seton Hall University focused on the Seton Hall Women’s Basketball Team’s game against Providence College.   

Students began the day by meeting in the Seton Hall University Athletics Conference Room to read information about the team and prepare questions for the pregame interview with veteran broadcaster Dave Popkin. Dave provided a preview of the game and answered the students’ questions about the team and key players. Dave also shared tips about broadcasting and how he prepares for a game.  

Students then watched the game and recorded statistics and notes. Immediately after the game, students returned to the conference room for a post-game interview with Seton Hall University star players Lauren Park-Lane and Mya Bembry. Students asked questions about team chemistry, the mindset of a shooter, how much their emotions impact their play, and some of the calls by the referees. 

Following the interviews, students wrote or filmed spot stories reporting on the experience. 

Click HERE to see the student work.

Watch the video featuring the highlights of the day.

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