Write on Arts

Summer Camp

New 2024 Write on Arts Summer Camp

Pilot program to launch at Montclair State University

After successfully serving thousands of students using sports as a theme, Write on Sports will build on our programming to include themes that will attract students with other diverse interests.

The new two-week Arts pilot program in the summer of 2024 will be based on the original successful Write on Sports sports-themed program. Students will improve their writing, reading, research, and critical thinking skills sparked by their enthusiasm for the arts, using the tools of journalism. The pilot program will occur at Montclair State University for students from communities we currently serve.

Given the reduction of art and music classes in schools, Write on Sports is excited to offer students new opportunities in artistic culture, creating another avenue to continue our core principles of building writing and literacy skills through project-based learning.

For more information please contact Shannon Schmitt, Director of Program Operations at shannon@writeonsports.org