Women’s Basketball Now Vs Then

By Senala D.

Women’s basketball has been around since 1892, and the game, rules, and style started out very different from what we see today as it has had many changes since in its 130 year history. And it is now  continuing as the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Have you ever wondered about the clothes?

Back then, women played in floor-length wool skirts, slippers, and caps. On the other hand, men wore baggy trousers and wool undershirts. Women would trip and fall and wear down faster because of the skirts. The rules changed in 1924 and the game itself became easier for the women to play because of how long the skirts were. For example, there were no jump balls to start the second half of the game. Only women were allowed to watch women’s basketball, though it quickly gained popularity, and men started to attend.  By 1920, the skirt length began to get shorter again, and changed to medium-length shorts. The 40s and 50s made changes with cheaper materials, wool shirts were replaced with polyesters and nylons. In 1980, women’s basketball entered the Olympics. Female players began to play in longline shorts because now they were no longer forced to wear skirts.

Fast forward to today, Lycra compression shorts, polyester vests, lightweight jerseys and breathable baggy shorts are now what they wear. The best shoe brands to wear are from Nike and Under Armor because it supports feet well. Nike remains the most popular choice for players to wear. Each inch of the jerseys and shorts are customized in women’s basketball. The shorts are about 11 inches long. The color, design, and styles of each teammate’s jerseys and pants must be the same. The home team must be a light color and the away team wears dark. Players are required to tuck in their shirts into their shorts. Overall, fashion and clothes in basketball have changed over the years. It went from women falling on the court because of the long skirts to women finally playing properly on the court.

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Senala D.

2022 - WoS Kearny - Summer Camp

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