Which League is Better: The NFL or the NBA?

By Wisdom I.

The National Football League and the National Basketball Association are the most popular sports leagues in the country, but which is better? I will be comparing them by viewers, revenue, and players’ contracts and salaries.

In 2021, the NFL had an average of 17.1 million viewers in the regular season and the NBA had an average of 1.6 million viewers in the regular season. This means the NFL had more viewers in 2021 and more viewers most likely means more money.

The revenue of the NFL in 2021 was $11 billion and the NBA in 2021 was $6.41 billion. The NFL wins money wise by $4.59 billion and more money likely means higher salaries.

The NFL average salary is $860,000 and the average career is 3.5 years but the NBA average salary is $3.8 million and the average career is 4.5 years. That means the average NBA players make $2.940 million more than the average NFL player. This is such buffoonery. The NBA players are getting more money in a less contact sport. This means the NBA players are overpaid and the NFL players are underpaid.

So the NFL gets more viewers and makes more money, but the NBA takes better care of their players. As a viewer, I think the best league is the NFL because it is more entertaining but as a player I would want to be in the NBA because the money and contacts are better.

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