What it takes to be in the NFL

By Kylin M.

Did you know only 1.2% people get drafted to the NFL from college? Did you know that the percentage of NFL players that never played college football is 6.5%? This shows that it is hard to get to the NFL.

Some young kids don’t understand how hard it is but if you want to be on television and play professional football you have to earn it. I asked Willie Colon, who played for the Steelers and Jets, for advice on making it to the NFL. Willie Colon grew up in the Bronx in the projects and had to try so hard to stay away from violence and drugs and alcohol. He said to stay focused and also “never give up and always believe in yourself no matter what haters say.” When he got drafted he said he was shouting and crying and very excited.

53% of NFL players are from inner cities. Randy Moss, another former NFL player who grew up in a similar environment, said that there were so many good football players that just wanted to run the streets. Many people who don’t get drafted throw their life away to the streets.

Randy Moss and Willie Colon basically grew up the same type of way and were able to make it. They both were saying to stay off the streets and not do drugs and alcohol. As someone that wants to be in the NFL I know it’s hard. So since I want to make it to the NFL I’m going to stay off the streets and say no to violence and don’t do drugs or alcohol and try to stay healthy and work out.

Student Bio

Kylin M.

2022 - WoS Hillside - Summer Camp

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