The Press Box

By Laci G.

Did you miss a sports game you really wanted to see? Well the people who were in the press box can give you the scores and play-by-play action you’re looking for. The press box room is important because reporters use this room to keep them from hearing fans yell. Also, they can get a 20-20 vision of the field so they know exactly what is going on. The reporter’s job is to take notes so by the end of the day, readers and listeners know what went on during that game.

The first press box was at the Ann Arbor Fairgrounds on May 12, 1883. A student reporter from the Michigan Chronicle covered the first home game. The competition was between West Virginia and Wesleyan Bishops. The score was a tie.   The second game that was played was the Wolverines against Wesleyan. Their score was Wesleyan lost 65-0. The reporter must have had his jaw dropped to the ground. His article must have been so detailed that everyone must have bought the newspaper just to read that story!

Some things that happen in press boxes are that television and radio announcers broadcast from the press box as well. In gridiron football, some coaches prefer to work from the press box instead of from the sideline in order to have an “all 20-20″ view of both the offensive and defensive players. Coaching personnel that are ordered by physicians due to medical conditions, or who have injuries that require rehabilitation and stop a coach from being on the sidelines are sometimes up in the press box.

My personal experience in a press box was at the Rockies stadium. It was big enough to fit 36 chairs. It had a lot of open space that was as wide as the windows, and the writers were getting ready to write down everything they saw. The press box was pretty quiet when we got there. We

got to meet Dallas Davis and Thomas Harding. We were able to ask them questions in the press box. I learned that Dallas Davis is a director of diversity, equity, inclusion and recruiting. Thomas Harding is a sports reporter for They gave us tips about focusing on a career and on how to interview. The press box made me feel surprised, because it was big and I got to see the whole field. WHAT A VIEW!!!!

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Laci G.

2021 Summer Program

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