Should Fighting in Hockey Continue or be Banned?

By Brandon W.

Imagine you’re at a hockey game and you see two players drop their hockey stick and take off their gloves and start punching each other. You’re most likely going to yell. I will too. It will be fun watching people fight each other in hockey but the players can also get injured. Should fighting in hockey continue or be banned?

The pro of fighting is that it draws fans and increases the game’s entertainment value, according to a poll in the Toronto Star newspaper. Travis Hughes, SB Nation hockey writer, said, “Fighting exists in hockey because we enjoy watching people fight.” Fighting is a hockey tradition that exists in the official rules and as an unwritten code among players. Kean University Women’s Basketball player, Natalie Mileski said fighting should continue to be part of hockey but not to the point of causing serious brain injuries. 

The con of fighting in hockey is that it can cause several mental and physical health problems like concussions, a broken nose, a broken jaw and more. It can mess up a whole career by causing one of these injuries. Star Ledger writer,  Matthew Stanmyre, was opposed to fighting in hockey because it can increase the number of concussions for players. Fighting can also set a bad example for kids. Even though it’s still banned to fight in the kids league they may still try to imitate it.              Fighting shouldn’t be banned because that is one of the reasons fans love watching hockey but when it happens the referees should break it up before it gets really serious because players are getting hurt just from fighting in hockey.

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Brandon W.

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