Shooters Shoot

By Zah’Vion M.

Today a Write on Sports workshop was held at Seton Hall University located in South Orange. A women’s basketball game took place with the score of 52 for Providence College and 77 for Seton Hall. After the game a post interview took place with Seton Hall point guard Lauren Park-Lane. Lauren is 5’3” and she is the shortest on the team. However, even though she is short she uses it to her advantage. We asked a few questions like what were her biggest tips for shooting and how does she get over missed shots. She answered one of the questions with: “shooters shoot.” This quote really stood out to me because most people may stop shooting after they miss a few shots but Lauren Park-Lane didn’t. She shot a 3-point field goal percentage of 50 percent, shooting 6 for 12 today with 21 points and 8 assists. We asked her what her biggest tip for shooting was and she said consistency and practice. She said practice because when you practice taking shots and you can continue to make them even when you miss, you know you can make them so you continue to shoot. So this is where she got the quote “shooters shoot.” 

Student Bio

Zah’Vion M.

2022 - MSU - Summer Camp
2023 - SHU - Winter Workshop

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