Sexism in Women’s Baseball

By Sofia N.

Did you know that in the 1940s they had to change the way that baseball was played because 18 to 45 men were drafted to be a part of World War 2? The coaches had to find a way to keep baseball going, so the league hired women. The women’s baseball league was founded 75 years ago on May 30. Unfortunately, the baseball directors did not believe that women were good enough, so they changed the game up a bit.

Firstly, the baseball league changed their fashion. Women had to wear feminine ruffled short skirts. They were able to wear underskirts, and they had to wear make-up to play on the field. Also, the coaches made them go to charm school to help them walk down the stairs better, run better, etc. The founder of baseball Mr. Wringley wanted them to look like ladies but play like gentlemen.

They had also changed the rules of the game. They changed the base length to make it easier for the players. The size of the ball went from 12 inches down to 9 inches. The pitching distances increased from 40 feet to 60 feet. Women were only allowed to pitch underhand. These rule changes were unfair and unnecessary.

The women were treated unfairly even when they were not playing or practicing for the games. They were not allowed to wear pants outside. Women were allowed to go on dates, but they had to have a chaperone. They were not able to smoke or drink. If they were found doing the things they were not able to do, what happened? They were fined for the first offense, double the amount on the second offense, and then for the third, they were suspended for the game. They were also not paid fairly. For example, Jack Finger from the website All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) said that, “After watching shortstop Dorothy Schroeder of Sadorus, Illinois work out one day, Cubs Manager Charlie Grimm said, ‘If she was a boy, I’d give $50,000 for her.’ ” In conclusion, women’s baseball was unfair and included a lot of sexism. According to the AAGPBL, the team names were “the Chicks, the Peaches, the Lassies.” They made the game unnecessarily easier because they did not expect the women to be good. Dorothy Schroeder was the youngest player in league history. Schroeder holds the all-time records for most games played. The things they did were unnecessary because they did not have faith in the women’s ability to play like the men. Dorothy proved them wrong, and there are many more women like her. People should not underestimate the women’s gender because we could be better players than people expect.

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Sofia N.

2022 - WoS Kearny - Summer Camp

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