Injuries in Soccer

By Andres A.M.

Broken leg. Concussion. Twisted ankles. These are just some examples of injuries players have suffered in soccer. It’s important because it can tell people who like soccer about injuries they may face. The injuries in the paragraphs are about the most common ones that happen.

        An example of an injury is during a match at Old Trafford in April 1996. The defender, David Busst, collided with Manchester United defender Denis Irwin so badly that the bone of his leg pierced the skin. The blood turned the ground around him red. He did recover after and continued to play other matches. He was still a good player after the injury and didn’t give up, even though he had to have surgery. He played for 8 years after that and retired in 2004.

         Another example is a famous player Neymar. The worst injury he had was the rupture of ligaments in one ankle. That took him almost three months to recover back to fully 100%. It made him miss some of the matches for his teams, the Paris Saint-Germain F.C.and Brazil. But, he continued his career and is still one of the best players. He got injured again with the same thing and had to wait four months to recover. He had to rest a lot. He is still playing to this day.           Players also get concussions. An example is a Manchester goalkeeper named Ederson. He was playing a match against Liverpool when the winger Mane tackled Ederson in his face trying to hit the ball. Mane got a red card and got sent off. Ederson did recover though and played more matches.

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