Inequality in Basketball

By Deja M.

In the world there’s a lot of inequality between male and females. Something that includes inequality is basketball. Why does the WNBA get less recognition? Why do WNBA players get paid less money than the NBA players? Some people don’t see it but the WNBA doesn’t get treated the same as the NBA. I think it’s important to change that.

The WNBA is really underrated and it shouldn’t be like that. The average salary of NBA players is about $5.4 million dollars compared to $120,600 which is the average salary the WNBA players get. They really should be paid in the same way because the WNBA players put as much work into playing basketball as the NBA players do. The WNBA players only get 20% of the league’s revenue while NBA players get 50% of the league’s revenue. That’s a big difference between how much the players make. According to Journalist Pardeep Cattry, “I definitely think it’s fair for them to get equal compensation for equal work.” Ms. Cattry is most definitely right about that.

Recently the WNBA viewership has gone up about 50% in the last year with an average of 306,000 viewers. That’s still a big difference from the NBA viewership since they get a few million viewers. The more viewership that goes up for the WNBA, the more people will see how hard they work. It might be a possibility that more people will notice that the WNBA should be treated as fairly as the NBA. When more people watch the WNBA the revenue also increases. Let’s change inequality in basketball and then change the world.

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Deja M.

2022 - WoS Hillside - Summer Camp

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