Imagining the Future of Baseball with Aluminum Bats

By Jordan B.

Picture this: Major League Baseball is being played today with aluminum baseball bats instead of wood. Just one thing could change the whole game of baseball. For starters, a lot of things would change like the length of baseball fields because aluminum bats actually hit the baseball farther than a wood bat. With an aluminum bat, the ball is hit 700 ft but with a wood bat, it can be hit 500 ft. In conclusion, if the major leagues were to use aluminum bats, fields would have to be longer for the safety of players as well as the safety of the fans.

Another precaution is the safety of the players. For example, if players were to use aluminum bats, and they hit a home run, there can be a bigger chance of someone getting hurt or injured. With an aluminum bat, the bat is lighter, and it hits the ball harder. The ball would go much faster and can possibly hurt a person. If it hit a player’s chest directly, that could cause bruises and cause them to even get subbed out of the game. Even fans can get hurt. A way to prevent that would be to put nets along the fence to stop injuries. Another way can be lowering the levels of seats in the stadium. Different little changes like these can make a big difference in the way players play, while still making the game fun for players and fans.

If Major League Baseball was using aluminum bats, the equipment of the players would be different. For example, the catcher and the umpire would need more padding if a foul ball is hit. The out and in-fielders are going to need different equipment. Instead of hats, they need to wear helmets. The batter might need some padding in the jersey and in the pants. If Major League Baseball players used aluminum bats, safety for the players would have to be a very important thing, and equipment would need to be changed and made even better.

The actual baseball itself is a big part of the game of baseball as it is needed to play the sport. The weight of an average baseball is 5.25 ounces. If pro baseball players were using aluminum, the weight of the ball would have to change because it would be easier for the average player to hit a home run if it wasn’t. If the weight of the baseball was heavier, the ball would be a little bit harder to be hit out of the park. Overall, the baseball being heavier would make the game fun and easier to play.

In conclusion, just the change of a bat and the material can change a lot in the game of baseball. A lot of this can affect the way players play, what they wear, the equipment they use, and safety for fans and players. If Major League Baseball players change to aluminum bats, the game itself would change. Overall, I think baseball should stay the same because one little change can change a lot.

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Jordan B.

2022 - WoS Kearny - Summer Camp

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