Football Player, Cam Newton, Unfit for Media?

By Jasmine M.

Cam Newton has done some questionable things, yet he is still perceived as a role model on television and media. He’s reportedly stolen a laptop, made some very offensive comments, and also disrespected several professional journalists without even saying a word. Newton has several behavioral issues that have been recognized in certain situations that show he should not be represented in the media.

On October 4, 2017, Cam Newton made a sexist comment towards sports reporter, Jourdan Rodrigues. When Rodrigues stated, “He (wide receiver, Devin Funchess) seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes.” Newton responded, “It’s funny…to hear a woman talking about routes.” After saying this, a wide goofy smile spreads across Newton’s face. This sparked controversy with Newton’s career. It even resulted in his sponsor, Dannon, to refuse to work with him any longer. On Twitter, Rodrigues responded and spoke out about the incident by saying, “I don’t think it’s funny to be a female and talk about routes. I think it’s my job.”

Jourdan’s stand against Newton and his sexism may have caused an attempt to apologize to be released before anything got too drastic, especially while losing sponsors and fans in the process. He called his statements, “degrading and disrespectful towards women.” He apologized to “anyone who took offense.” Although Newton did say sorry to anyone who took offense, he isn’t apologizing to the person he said it to directly. The apology seems forced and insincere.

Jourdan Rodrigues isn’t the only female reporter Cam Newton has been disrespectful towards. In a 2012 interview, he called a reporter “sweetheart” when answering a question. These disrespectful and rude remarks have led to several people questioning why Newton is respected for the work he does. He is sexist and insincere that’s why he shouldn’t be presented as a good role model in the media.

Newton’s behavioral problems haven’t just shown themselves in the form of sexism. They’ve been displayed through body language and the way he talks to others. During a press conference, Newton was asked a question about a doing particular play consistently. Newton responded by rolling his eyes and saying, “Next question.” Then, he left abruptly. Instead of apologizing for his own actions toward the reporter, the Carolina Panthers’ spokesperson, Steven Drummond, had to apologize on his behalf. According to Drummond, “In his mind, after answering questions for nine minutes he had fulfilled his obligations.” Steve Drummond’s excuse for Newton’s actions are not effective and seem blatantly ingenuine.

Cam Newton is a sore loser and has been exclusively blunt whenever the Panthers have lost a game. This especially applies to press conferences. After losing the Super Bowl, Cam Newton pouted through the whole press conference, answering only eight questions in very choppy and short answers, mostly limited to one sentence. Then, in the middle of being asked another question Cam Newton left, as if their question didn’t matter. He was definitely frustrated and also had a right to be, however that doesn’t mean he has to be unprofessional and insulting. Other players, such as Russel Wilson, have still been professional and respectful towards their interviewers and journalists during a press conference after a loss. Cam Newton has no excuse to act the way he does during this interview.

Several people knock Cam Newton for not suffering the well-deserved consequences of his actions. These certain people include New Jersey Devils’ broadcaster, Matt Loughlin, and baseball player Nick Bozman. “They are making so much money now that they don’t care about the effect of what they say,” reports Bozman, after questioned about players being unprofessional during press conferences and interviews. When asked about his opinion on Cam Newton, Loughlin responded with calling Newton immature and childish. “There is no reason for players to be unprofessional. You have a responsibility. He gets a pass on situations he shouldn’t have. Players that may have a higher ranking should still be held to the same accountability as everyone else.” Instead of making another insincere online apology that doesn’t address the problem at hand, Cam Newton should actually face his actions by being benched in the next game. By doing this, it will give Cam a sense of discipline and make him realize he cannot get away with some of the offensive things he does.

Cam Newton should not be represented in the media as a role model. He is sexist because of the several remarks made by him and some of the insincere apologies. Someone who doesn’t respect the opposite gender should not be portrayed as a good person. Newton has a disrespectful body language towards sports reporters. During a Super Bowl Press Conference, because Cam Newton was unhappy about losing, he answered questions in a short and choppy sentences while also pouting throughout the whole experience. He is rude, discriminatory, and a sore loser. He should not be portrayed as a good role model in the media.

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