Emotions at Seton Hall

By Kira R.

Emotions can mess with everyone’s game whether you are on the court or off the court. Today at Seton Hall University there was a very exciting game and amazing interviews.

 First the day started with an interview with sports broadcaster Dave Popkin. Dave spoke about emotions and how he sees that if you show your emotions too much it becomes unprofessional as a broadcaster. He also said, “When in doubt leave it out,” referring to things you might say when your emotions overtake you. One last thing that he said was that, “Once you say something you can’t take it back.” I’m sure we have all heard this phrase. Both off the court and on the court emotions can be an issue.

After finishing watching the game, won by Seton Hall (77 – 52), I got to speak with two of the amazing players on the team. One player I got to speak with was number 10, Mya Bembry, who carried her team with rebounds. When talking to Mya she said that she tries to stay unemotional and that there is a difference between bringing energy and getting emotional. Mya also said that, “It’s nice to see your work pay off.” After I asked the question, “After making a shot what goes through your head,” she said that on the inside she is happy but when watching I noticed that she does not show any kind of emotion, which is something that is very difficult to do.

Emotions are a big part of sports and they affect how you perform in your sports.  Everyone has emotions but some people need to be more aware of them and their effects than others. You can see this from what both Dave Popkin and Mya Bembry said. You need to try to keep your emotions in check while doing what you are trying to do.

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Kira R.

2022 - MSU - Summer Camp
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