Cross Country Skiing

By Maxie A.

Cross country skiing has been such a great sport since the beginning of the 19th century. Even though it’s not a trending/popular sport, it’s very interesting to watch.

The difference between cross country and skate skiing 

Cross country skiing is moving the skis straight forward like a straight line, also called a “stride.” A stride can be moving diagonal, kicking, or gliding. When somebody is telling you they’re going to go cross country skiing it means they usually are going to be doing classic cross skiing.

Basic skills or techniques for cross country

If you had experience with cross country skiing you then learned a balanced stance, shifting weight properly, and coordination with your arms and legs. If you’re getting started on this experience you will need the fundamentals to get started.

Personally, in my experience I would like to do this sport but I don’t like winter that much and don’t really watch the Winter Olympics so this was such a great experience to write about cross country.

Student Bio

Maxie A.

2022 Virtual Winter Workshop

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