Blood, Sweat and Tears

By Noah F.

Part 1

The sun was big and bright outside as James biked down to practice. “Yo, James,” a voice yelled. James turned around. “What up, Christian?” James sneered.

Christian biked in front of him blocking his way. “My coach said I’ve been invited to a Chelsea tryout.” James’s heart plunged. “There’s one more spot though,” Christian said chuckling. “My trainer said so and I doubt you’re earning it,” Christian sneered then biked away.

“I’ll show you what I can do,” James snarled under his breath as he pulled into practice. “James hurry up and get running,” his coach said.

“I just got here, lemme stretch,” James said.

“Chelsea doesn’t accept lazy people, you know that,” his coach remarked. “Now come on I got a surprise for the team.”

James took off running onto the field. “Slow, down,” a voice called out.

“Monty!” James cried out. “You here for tryouts?” James questioned.

“Yes, picklehead, for the last spot on the Chelsea team,” Monty said ruffling James’ dirty hair.  “Now you got to hurry up,” Monty said. James smiled and picked up his pace. “James look!” Monty whispered. “There’s the trainer for the tryouts.” He pointed at a middle-aged white guy with scruffs of white in his beard.

“Look at that beer belly,” James scuffed. “And look at those shoes.”

“Christian?” James said. Monty quickly switched into a fighting stance.

“Loosen up, Monty,” Christian said. “You wouldn’t want your mom to get mad,” Christian smirked. Monty launched at Christian. ” Too slow, poor boy,” Christian laughed and ran off.

“Calm down. He’s trying to ruffle your feathers, Monty. You know that,” James reassured.

“We got to go. The trainer is making teams now” James said.

“Calm down!” Monty yelled. “He’s such a brat and he’s so arrogant. Just walking around towering over everyone and showering insults! The kid doesn’t know the struggles of being poor, he knows nothing!” James shook his head

“Calm your head down, we got to get to practice,” James repeated. Monty scuffed and walked toward the practice. They got over just in time as the trainer started his little speech.

“Today, as you all know your lovely children are going to try out for the Chelsea youth team. For parents and kids, this is how it will work. For two days, each starting at 8, we will do drills for about two hours. And after those practices one of your lucky children will be on the Chelsea youth team! For information about how the youth team works, check your emails your coaches sent you. Now let’s begin!”

James smiled at Monty, “Now let’s begin.”

“Whatever,” Monty said, ignoring him.

“Let’s get in line players!” The trainer yelled. James hurried up into line. “You ten at the end of the line, you’re on the red team,” the trainer yelled. James looked at the red team. Seven starters and three bench players.

“This will be fun,” James mumbled.

“The rest of you are on the white team,” the trainer yelled.

James looked at Monty. “This is going to be a beating,” he whispered.

“At least we have Jasper, Chris, and Luca. Stop complaining,” Monty said rolling his eyes.

“That’s three people and they have Bernardo, Leroy, Max, Aaron, and Christian,” James complained.

“And there the three best players,” Monty remarked. A whistle pierced through the air interrupting them. James looked at the trainer.

“Come on,” the trainer yelled. “We got a scrimmage to play.”

The players line up in their formation – a 4-3-3. “Let’s get going,” the trainer yelled and with that, the game started.

Left and right James moved the ball stuck to his feet like a magnet. Right beside him flying toward the goal was Jasper. He launched a pass toward him. Jasper settled the ball and sprinted toward the goal, skilling out the two twins, Max and Aaron. In the middle was Chris, streaking toward the back post. Jasper crossed it toward Chris over hitting the pass a little. Monty ran toward the over hit pass, looking for a shot but instead passed it to Marcus who finessed it past the goalkeeper into the top right corner. “Let’s go,” James yelled as he celebrated with Marcus.

“1-0,” the trainer yelled, and with that, the game started off again. Leroy streaked down the wing right away after the kickoff getting past three defenders. James tried to stop him but a flurry of stepovers from Leroy sent James flying.  James spat out the grass in his mouth and quickly got up onto his feet, but Leroy was long gone. Leroy then cut into the box with his right foot going for goal but his shot hit off the crossbar. Monty and Christian raced for the ball. Christian got there first and annihilated Monty with a Maradona, getting past him with ease. James then rushed over to try and stop Christian. He got there in time but collided with Christian. The impact of Christian”s foot was harsh, knocking both James and Christian down. A whistle blew. The trainer then stopped the play and rushed to James who was still on the ground. “Come on get up,” the trainer said, rushing over to James.

“I can’t,” James replied. Monty tried to pull him up but to no avail. “I’m bleeding, too,” James said meekly .

“We got to get him off the field,” Christian said.

James laughed. “When did you want to help me, Christian?”

“I need to practice, okay. Even if I made the team doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep playing.” Christian remarked. James smiled. “That’s a first,” Christian said.

“Indeed,” Leroy remarked. “Poor boy doesn’t smile a lot, does he?”

“I know right,” Rodrigo said.

“Come on, hurry up and get him off the field,” the trainer yelled at the medics who were rushing onto the field. James took one more look at his injured ankle and went unconscious.

Student Bio

Noah F.

2020 Summer Program

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