Lincoln Middle School, Kearny NJ

A Literacy Enrichment Program

Eligible students must live or attend school in Kearny.

Kearny School District has partnered with Write on Sports to host an Afterschool program and summer sports writing camp at Lincoln Middle School. Write on Sports summer sports writing camp was first hosted in 2021 and proved to be an immense success.

Programs Offered

Summer Camp

Dates: July 2024

Eligibility: Rising 7-8 graders

Tuition: Free

“It’s hard for me to write and with this camp, it’s actually helping me write better. The way Mr. Beutel teaches me how to write and explain myself, it’s better and it’s easier. “


Curtis Brack
Principal, Lincoln Middle School

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Write on Sports works with at-risk middle school students to improve their creative writing skills by tapping into their passion for sports at our writing programs.