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Summer Camp

Rolando C. Lance M., Reilly K.
WoS students dig in to the world of competitive eating.
Penelope F., Alex W.S., Jana A.
WoS students explore the controversy around the fine imposed on NBA Nets player Kyrie Irving after an altercation with a fan.
Laurence L., Evan A., R. Alex S., Alleyah F.
WoS students delve into the topic of esports and what kind of effect it can have on some people.
Bairon A., Ella S., Natalie J., John J.
WoS students take a "serious" look at the competitive world of shin-kicking.
Matt C., Chris S., Aiden F.
WoS students survey a variety of people asking if kids should play tackle football.
Mimi D., Maya W., Alyssa F.
WoS students discuss if Parkour should be added to the Olympic games.
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