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By Allison W.
These first few weeks have been rough. Training with Spice has proven to be harder than I thought it would be. Spice is a good horse, he listens to commands very well.
By Collin D.
Barry Bonds is a former professional baseball player that played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. He is most known for hitting the most home runs in MLB history, 762, having 7 MVP awards, 12 Silver Sluggers, a 14-time All-Star, 8 Gold Glove awards, and more. He looked like a Hall of Fame caliber player at the beginning of his career.
By Mariely M.
Competition is already difficult enough. You have to prepare your mindset, your body, your nutrition. And for some swimmers -- your hair.
By Thomas S.
Steroid users should not be voted into the Hall of Fame. Steroids created a gap between the talent levels of steroid users and clean players.
By Kiara S.
In this world we live in, it is hard for some people to play sports. But even people with disabilities have done it and it's good to teach that lesson to everyone .
By Lola V.
Admit it. Surfing either intrigues you, or you’ve never heard of it. How do people stand on a board in the middle of wild waves and somehow steer it with their feet?
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