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By Alyssa F.
“Equal Pay! Equal Pay!” On July 7th, 2019, when the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team won the FIFA World Cup, the crowd sitting in the stands chanted these words in an act of protest.
By Demar M. 
The Overwatch League, which is an esport event centered around the game of Overwatch, draws in over 10 million viewers every year.
By Jasmine M.
Cam Newton has done some questionable things, yet he is still perceived as a role model on television and media. He’s reportedly stolen a laptop, made some very offensive comments, and also disrespected several professional journalists without even saying a word.
By Franklin F.
When you think of a General Manager (or GM for short) what do you think of? For most people, they think of just some guy that sits in a chair ordering people around.
By Chloe H.
Many young girls around the world enjoy playing sports with friends. But by age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at almost twice the rate of boys. By age 17, more than half of them quit sports altogether.
By Nadiah S.
Serena Williams is a very important leader. Ms. Williams stands up against different things, like sexism and racism. She also shows that pregnancy shouldn't stop you from working in your career.
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