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By Chloe H.   
The Olympics are one of the biggest sports events to happen worldwide. People of all ethnicities come together and compete in a variety of athletic events.
By Mia L.
Have you ever been discriminated against or treated differently? If so, wouldn't you want people to recognize or help?
By George G.
Since 1991, Barcelona has had five Champions League titles, can they make their 2018-2019 season their sixth? During the 2017 Champions League, Barcelona suffered a heartbreaking loss against AC Roma at the Stadio Olimpico.
By Nathaniel R.
Compete at your own risk. This is the motto for the annual cheese rolling competition, located at Cooper’s Hill in England.
By Anna D.
The core fact is not up for debate: players on the World Cup-winning US Women’s National Team earn significantly less than their male counterparts on the US Men’s National Team.
By Shayla M.
Have you ever heard of handball? If not, you aren’t alone. When people think of sports they think of the four major sports: football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.
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